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Wickensnuffers' Candle Burning Tips

1. Keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4” at all times to avoid high flames and soot.

2. Keep burning candles away from children and pets.

3. Caution: hot wax burns.

4. Keep your candles away from drafts. Drafts will cause your candles to burn unevenly and present a fire hazard.

5. Place all burning candles on a flame-resistant surface. Do not place a burning candle next to any flammable items.

6. When trimming your candles-- hold the candles upside down and trim . This method prevents trimmings from accumulating inside the candle.

7. For the first burn of your candle, you should let the candle burn 1 hour for every inch in diameter of the container. Never leave a burning candle unattened.

8. Do not burn candles that have less than 1/2inch of wax on the bottom of them. Burning them could cause the glass to explode.

9. In order to blow out your candles, snuff your candles out as opposed to blowing them out. Blowing out your candles may allow lit pieces of wick to land on somthing that is flammable! Do not blow out your candles.

10. Do Not burn tarts or wax melters in a electric potpourri burner.

11. Keep your wicks centered at all times.

12. Please remove all decorations – (ribbons, hang-tag, etc.) before lighting your candle.

13. Do not move candles when lit.

14. Votives must be burned in a tight fitting votive holder. The votive will completely liquify and cannot be burned while freestanding.

15. Never warm Tarts on the stove. If using a Tealight Tart Burner, do not let the flame contact the underside of the melt pot.

16. Do not heat if the pot contains less than 1/4” of wax.


1. To keep candles smelling awesome keep lid on or covered at all times. You can refrigerate your candles just make sure to cover them well so the wick will not absorb the moisture.

2. If you do not own a snuffer-- hold your finger in front of the flame and gently blow. This will allow the air to flow around your finger and will prevent splattering hot wax.

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